Can one truly consider themselves a genuine watch collector without possessing at least one Patek Philippe timepiece? Widely regarded as the most esteemed watchmaker globally, this Swiss brand boasts an uninterrupted 180-year production history. 

Throughout this remarkable journey, they have developed over 20 calibers & obtained more than 100 patents for their groundbreaking innovations. 

Yet, beyond their technical prowess, their collection has some of the most iconic designs ever to adorn a wrist. From the timeless elegance of Calatrava to the legendary Nautilus, Patek Philippe has consistently exemplified horological excellence for generations.

Given their impressive offerings, it is no surprise that the brand is highly sought-after. However, the demand is also influenced by the limited production of their timepieces. While Rolex produces approximately one million watches yearly, Patek has manufactured a similar number since its establishment in 1839. 

In the present era, this equates to around 50,000 watches annually, encompassing a collection of approximately 200 different models. Patek is far from being a mass producer, with their basic models taking about nine months to complete & their most intricate creations requiring nearly two years.

Achieving that level of commitment certainly comes at a price. Even an entry-level Patek (if such a thing exists) will set you back a substantial sum of $20,000 or more.

However, acquiring a Patek Philippe is more complex than strolling into a boutique & selecting one from the shelf. With limited production numbers, there is intense competition for the most sought-after models & securing one will likely require some effort.

Below, we have meticulously outlined everything you need to know to make your first Patek Philippe purchase

New Or Pre-Owned Patek Philippe?

Before anything else, are you considering a brand-new model or a preowned/vintage one? If you opt for a pristine, unworn timepiece, there are three locations where you can find one.


Firstly, Patek operates its own London, Paris & Geneva Salons, totaling just three worldwide, with none located in the U.S. However, despite their limited accessibility, they offer an unparalleled experience. Every Horology enthusiast should make it a point to visit a Patek Salon at least once. 

Stepping into one feels like entering a refined gentlemen's club, where over 200 watches from various brands are elegantly displayed amidst the rich dark mahogany & luxurious buttery soft leather upholstery.

Regrettably, the availability of timepieces is not solely determined by their visibility. Only the models with abundant supply, like the Calatrava, will be offered for sale. However, if you were seeking one of the rare or highly intricate pieces, you would encounter prominent VIPs who have cultivated long-standing relationships with the Salon.

That should not discourage you, however. Your service will be unparalleled & you will likely have the opportunity to try on exquisite watches you may have only seen in pictures. It is not possible to receive additional items with any watch purchase. 

They also offer elegant merchandise such as Patek pens or watch wallets & they might even include the watch's initial service at no extra cost. 

Moreover, you have taken the first step in establishing a relationship with the Salon, which will undoubtedly facilitate future transactions. Just refrain from requesting a discount.

Authorized Dealers 

Like other luxury brands, Patek operates through a network of authorized & licensed retailers, which are independently owned & managed. In the United States, there are currently 78 such dealers. There are no Salons in the country, so these retailers are the sole option for acquiring a brand-new watch without international travel. 

However, availability might be limited, with only a few models in stock. Consequently, obtaining the most sought-after timepieces may present a challenge.

One notable advantage, however, is that Patek ADs are exclusively authorized to serve local customers. To ensure your eligibility, you will be required to provide address details. Furthermore, trading over the phone is strictly forbidden, narrowing the competition for the finest models to a more localized scope.

Another noteworthy detail is that authorized dealers are prohibited from charging above the retail price for their timepieces. Those who have explored the secondary market know the significant premiums the most sought-after models can command (such as the stainless steel Rolex Daytona). 

Therefore, this policy is justified. However, it is understandable that everyone desires the best possible price, which is why there is often limited availability & lengthy waiting lists for the brand's most popular models.

Establishing a connection is paramount in this context, just like in a Salon. Being a valued & loyal customer will yield benefits in the long term, as dealers will make extra efforts to fulfill your desired timepiece in the future. 

Unlike a Salon, specific Authorized Dealers (ADs) may offer discretionary discounts, although not on highly sought-after models. By acting wisely, you may also receive additional perks during your purchase.

Non-Authorized Dealers

Non-authorized dealers refer to retailers that have no affiliation with Patek. Consequently, they are not bound by any restrictions imposed by the brand. Many of these dealers operate online through their own websites & can provide a viable option for purchasing scarce pieces without the need to endure lengthy waiting lists that often span over five years.

However, such a high level of convenience comes at a significant cost. Since the brand has no control over the pricing, non-authorized dealers can set the prices as they see fit or the market demands. 

Because the market includes affluent Patek Philippe enthusiasts, it is not surprising to see prices skyrocket. It is common for the desired models to sell out rapidly at more than double their retail price.

On the positive side, a discount on one of the more uncomplicated models is more convenient here than anywhere else. Moreover, this is where you can uncover some of the finest discontinued & vintage timepieces from the archives. 

Nevertheless, it is essential to exercise caution as the age-old saying "buy the seller" is particularly applicable in the horology industry.

Instances of deceit & illicit activities abound & while Patek's unwavering commitment to unparalleled excellence facilitates the identification of blatant counterfeits (given the knowledge of discerning features), the detection of "Franken watches" - timepieces crafted from authentic components - proves to be far more challenging. Given the substantial investment required, exhaustive research on both the watch & the vendor is indispensable.

This should provide you with an excellent starting point to embark on your journey into the exquisitely luxurious world of Patek Philippe. Acquiring your first timepiece from this prestigious Maison is a significant occasion that promises to be both memorable & rewarding.

The watches they craft are unparalleled, showcasing remarkable aesthetics & engineering prowess and serving as a wise investment opportunity. Only some other brands can match Patek Philippe when preserving value over time.


As we conclude our exploration of the different avenues for purchasing a Patek Philippe timepiece, it is clear that each option offers its own unique advantages & challenges. 

Whether you visit one of the Salons, develop a relationship with an authorized dealer, or opt for the convenience of online non-authorized dealers, one thing remains constant - the exceptional quality & value of a Patek Philippe timepiece.

With over 180 years of history & a legacy of excellence, owning a Patek Philippe watch is more than just owning a timepiece - it's owning a piece of horological art. 

The brand's dedication to tradition & innovation ensures that each watch is crafted with the utmost precision & care, making it an investment that will be treasured for future generations. 

So go ahead & start your journey into the world of Patek Philippe, where time is truly elevated to an art form.  

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