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Richard Mille Watches

In the year 1999, Swiss-native Dominique Guenat & Frenchman Richard Mille established their firm, Horométrie SA. Both guys had a massive experience in the watch business: Mille as the director of the watch & jewelry firm Mauboussin & chief head of Matra's watch department & Guetnat as the CEO of his family firm, Guenat SA Montres Valgine.

Both these guys were joined by a vision of producing extravagant goods for the upcoming century. They took motivation from different fields, particularly aerospace & racing, focusing on new stuff & production methods.

Soon after 3 years of evolution, the brand was ready with its first timepiece, the RM 001, at Baselworld 2001. This watch initiated the brand into the Haute Horlogerie world almost overnight.

Reasons to Buy a Richard Mille Watch

  • Modern & the supreme in-house calibers with a chronograph, tourbillon, or GMT function
  • Remarkably light & sturdy thanks to revolutionary elements
  • Elite special editions with the potential to grow in value
  • Special, futuristic designs
  • High prestige & iconic designs

A successful formula

Clients who experienced & understood such a visionary product's uncompromised character predestined this first piece to become an unequivocal triumph. 

Today, after 20 years, the Richard Mille timepiece collection now includes more than eighty models, each composed & designed with the same passion & strong principles that guided Richard Mille's all creation to advance.

Why should you buy a Richard Mille Watch?

Despite being a comparatively fresh & young brand, the values of these timepieces far exceed other watchmakers, not only because of their modern technology & new innovations but also because of the character of the elements with which they are made. 

As we all know, a Richard Mille timepiece really lasts over time. When Richard Mille presented the very first model to the world & dropped it & then very clearly showed the press how it did not get a single scratch which implies these timepieces at FCT will undoubtedly give you a valuable feature: Exclusivity.

If you are really interested in buying or selling a Richard Mille timepiece, feel free to contact us to get the best offer for your luxury watch.